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There are no cookie-cutter solutions for the workplace. You work in complex and diverse fields, across various roles. We recognise that and we’re energised by knowing that we can help you.

There are no fixed courses here. Only personalised courses designed around your specific needs. Our team of experienced trainers work collaboratively to analyse your needs and engage your team accordingly. Now there’s no worry about content gaps or unspecialised approaches. Learn exactly what your specific business needs to be more effective and successful.

Skills and knowledge available to you

Categorised by Users

Support Staff



CCNA  CCNA Routing and Switching

 Microsoft Exchange Server

 Windows Server

Sharepoint Sharepoint Development

Sharepoint Sharepoint Administration

 Information System Deployments

  Cloud Migration Best Practises

Systems & Database Design

Microsoft Dynamics 365

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Projects

 On-Prem Dynamics CRM

  Dynamics 365 Upgrade & Migration

 Security in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Administration/Configuration of Dynamics 365

System Deployments  System Adoption Measurement

 Business Process Modelling

Progress  Business Reporting

Sharepoint Sharepoint

Sharepoint Sharepoint for Power Users

 Office 365

 Microsoft Exchange Server

  Microsoft Skype for Business

Azure Microsoft Azure Implementation

Windows 10 Windows 10

End Users

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Service  Customer Service

Click Dimensions  Click Dimensions + Dynamics 365

 Office 365

  Microsoft Skype for Business

Sharepoint Windows 10

Key Staff

Project Management Practice Project Management Practice

Change Management Change Management

Categorised by Technology and Skills



Sharepoint Courses:

SharePoint Development
SharePoint Administration
SharePoint for Power Users
Systems and Database Design


Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Courses:

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Execution
Administration/Configuration of Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 Upgrade and Online Migration
Security in Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Implementation


Server & Infrastructure

Server and Infrastructure Courses:

Windows Server
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Azure Implementation and Architecture
Cloud Migration Best Practices
Systems and Database Design
Information System Deployments
CCNA Routing and Switching


Business & Productivity

Business and Productivity Courses:

Business Process Modelling
Business Reporting
System Adoption Measurement
Collaboration Strategies that Work
Windows 10
Office 365
Microsoft Skype for Business
Marketing with Click Dimensions on MS Dynamics 365
Customer Service
Project Management Practice
Change Management
Information Management

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On-Demand Lessons

On-Demand Lessons

Tackle your daily challenges with content that is there when you need it. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule with remote learning options also available.


On Our Premises or Yours

Business schedules are tight and don’t always allow for going off-site to attend training. That’s okay. If our central city premises is inconvenient, our trainers can be booked to visit you in your premises.


Tailored Training Experience

Access the most up to date knowledge available, delivered by our carefully selected trainers. Our programs are tailored to suit your needs and budget so you’ll receive nothing more or less than what is relevant to you.


No Min/Max Student Capacity

We don’t cancel or delay training due to insufficient students. Our trainers will attend to your training regardless of the number of people in the course – big or small.


Fun, Interactive & People Focused

Our training is focused on the people side of technology. With our interactive approach to teaching, we offer interesting and fun learning experiences that let you hit the ground running.


Ongoing Support & Maintenance

With the rapid evolution of technology and business methods, systems constantly change. With ongoing support and maintenance, don’t worry about your training being affected.